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Thanks To All Those Who Contributed 

Thanks to all those who worked on, contributed to or made some of the heartfelt comments here on the website – for all your work and support with Streets of Adelaide
All of you contributed as did many people in many ways.   I have just been notified that last week on the AMRAP charts around Australia (this is for community radio ...about 140 stations) the song was the Number 2 download!
  It was programmed into ALL local ABC stations around Australia. So that's great. Likely it…

Nyck Jeanes: His War Hero Father - They didn't get to talk about it  

Radio Interview on Legacy Hour Radio Adelaide
06 April 2015  Helen Meyer

Singer, Songwriter, Community Radio Announcer, ex-South Aussie Nyck Jeanes has released an incredibly moving song about his father, a highly decorated WWII soldier.

As is typical with many military families, the returned Veteran says very little about the experiences of war, and often holds something of themselves at arms length from their families.  Thus it was that Nyck found when his father passed away, he knew almost nothing about…

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